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Help Letti Walk Again!

In April 2014, Letti fell and fractured her femur. She has a bone condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta; meaning she is very prone to fractures. She immediately had surgery to repair that fracture and spent months in physical therapy.

Unfortunately, she didn't make the progress we expected and towards the end of last year it was discovered that the fracture had not healed correctly. This means that she will need another surgery. We explored the option of having the fracture repaired in the States.  Many wonderful doctors were willing to help, but unfortunately we were unable to find a hospital to take on her case.  We have now found a fantastic doctor in Guatemala City who recommended the same treatment plan as the doctors in the US.

Thankfully Letti is not in pain and remains in great spirits, but she has been confined to a wheelchair. The doctor gave us a discount so the surgery itself will cost Q30,000 or $4,000.  There will also be an additional cost of $1,500 for the lab work and physical therapy that she will need in order to fully recover.

We really want to provide this surgery for Letti but need your help to make it happen! 

Fund part of Letti's surgery