Serve The Lord In Guatemala! 

We have a variety of roles to fill with talented, qualified missionaries. Not all of these roles are full-time and a missionary will most likely fill more than one. 

Available Roles: 

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Home School Teacher

work with elementary age missionary kids and parents to meet the educational needs of missionary students

Entrepreneur/Business Developer

develop and implement micro-businesses that empower widows and single mothers. Also train Casa Magdalena (girls 17+) in how to start and run their own businesses

Auto Mechanic

maintain and repair all project vehicles (2 school buses, 3 vans, 1 truck), assist missionaries in their personal car care


 long-term missionaries that will assist the Directors in the overall administration of the Project


Assistant Team Coordinator(s)

go to person to coordinate with team leaders to prepare team schedule, budget, activities, in country travel, etc. 

Sponsorship Coordinator

communicate with child sponsors, maintain database of sponsors and kids, management of sponsorship mailings, and promotion of sponsorship opportunities

Program Manager

 manage Project programs such as the women's program and others


Grant Writer

 work with Senior staff and Board to research and write grants and fundraising proposals

PR Coordinator

communicate with existing sponsors and donors while exposing new people and organizations to JPLA, manage social media outlets to promote Shadow, video productions, etc. 

Agricultural Coordinator

work with Papi Hugo to maintain and expand our agricultural program, with the goal of becoming a self-sustainable project

Pre-school Teacher

assist in developing and implementing a pre-school program for the children of Shadow

Medical Care Manager

work alongside Guatemalan nurse-in-training to provide medical support for staff and children

What we provide: 


We have staff members whose job is to help missionaries adapt and acclimate to life in Monjas, including the following: banking, grocery shopping, insurance, housing, purchasing a car, purchasing household items, establishing phone service, home internet service (if available), and all utilities, etc. 

Time with Shadow kids. In addition to normal interactions during the school/work day, missionaries may visit the Shadow property for scheduled play time every Sunday from 3:00-5:00pm. There are also various other events throughout the year which allow for plenty of interaction. 



What are the expectations?

  • Missionaries will be expected to serve all people as needed, including other missionaries, teams, staff, and children. Most missionary positions do not allow for full-time or daily access to the children at Shadow of His Wings.
  • All missionaries are self-supported, which will require the raising of funds and a support base. 
  • This is a place of 'business'. As such, normal office hours are 8:00 - 4:00, M-F. Changes to this are only allowed in special circumstances and with the approval of the Directors.
  • Missionary kids are allowed to attend our school, but must adhere to all school rules and requirements. This is mostly to learn the culture/language as credits earned here are not recognized the US education system. 
  • A minimum of a two year commitment - preferably longer
  • Time off: besides most U.S. federal holidays, time off is given for visa renewals and requirements. All missionaries must leave Guatemala every 6 months for a minimum of 72 hours. Typically missionaries return home 2x per year for a few weeks at a time.
  • All missionaries are required to pursue advancement in the Spanish language. 


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